Ultradian Rhythm

Written by Dr. Luke

October 29, 2018

Ultradian Rhythm by Dr. Luke Schmelzle

While you likely have heard of circadian rhythms, how about ultradian rhythms? As far as healthy living skills go, managing your ultradian rhythm effectively is an important piece to living a high-energy life. As mainstream health care begins to embrace health and wellness from an energetic perspective, the study and application of ultradian rhythms is beginning to garner more attention. The bulk of research in this area has been conducted by the DOD.

Ultradian rhythms are natural, undulating cycles of energy, with oscillating patterns of energy production and recovery, that rise and fall many times during the day. A typical burst of sustained, focused energy output will last between 90-120 minutes. This is followed by a period of low energy output, intended as a short resting period for recovery, repair, and re-balancing. Each person has an individualized pattern, but the overall principles are common to each of us.

We encounter problems if we plow through and ignore these natural cycles. Stress, fatigue, brain fog and inflammation increase when we push through the rest portion of the cycle. Currently, many are suffering prolonged symptoms from COVID exposure. Productivity drops significantly. Conversely, we can maximize our productivity if we learn to smartly follow our personal ultradian rhythms and plan our work and breaks accordingly. We can get the best from our body and mind by adhering to our personal cycles.

To learn more about ultradian rhythms, and about energy efficiency on a

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happy when in tune with ultradian rhythm

personal level, contact me for a consultation. I’d love to assist you with gaining more energy for life.

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