Negativity Bias – Impacts of Stress on the Body

Written by Dr. Luke

September 13, 2021

Negativity Bias: the Impacts of Stress and Trauma on the Body by Dr. Luke Schmelzle DC

After an extensive study, researchers found that repeated exposure to negative events in the media inevitably creates increased levels of anxiety as well as a heightened stress response, all of which significantly impairs overall health.

Human beings are drawn to negativity in the media like a moth to the flame. This phenomenon is known to psychologists as, “The Negativity Bias” and it is a destructive impulse that most of us find impossible to avoid.

Due to the negative societal effects of COVID19, our country’s collective negativity bias has been considerably amplified and with that comes the myriad of destructive side effects on Americans’ overall physical, mental, and emotional health.

Here at, TAIL OF THE SUN Network Chiropractic care, we are seeing a spike in new patients complaining about neck pain, low back pain, depression, anxiety, anger, etc.

Fortunately, Network Chiropractic care, much more so than conventional chiropractic care or western medicine, is designed to address health issues at their core, whether acute or chronic, deep down in the nervous system where the problem has taken root.

If you are experiencing any of the painful results of Negativity Bias, then schedule your wellness consultation today with me, Dr. Luke, at Tail of the Sun in Ashland. I can help you grow through your current health struggles into new long-term wellness and pain free living.

(Dr. Luke is owner of Tail of the Sun in Ashland. 541-816-1911.)

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