Pandiculation and why pendulum clocks always sync up

Written by Dr. Luke

March 9, 2018


cat stretching is example of pandiculation

Pandiculation is the body’s natural unwinding pattern, using movement and sound to release tension. It has a close connection to clocks, pendulums, and entrainment theory.

It’s been 350 years since Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens, the illustrious inventor of the pendulum clock, noticed that no matter how his oscillating masterpieces started, within 30 minutes they would always end up swinging the opposite direction to each other if mounted on the same beam.

Since then, scientists have been experimenting with two pendulum clocks hanging from the same beam, and while the conclusion was that forces exerted on this moveable beam were causing the syncing action, no one could agree on how this actually works. Recently a new breakthrough has been reported.

Using these perfectly strung pendulums, Oliveira and Melo calculated that the speed of their swings corresponded to the cycles of the sound pulses they produced, which traveled through the wall from clock to clock. “We could … verify that the energy transfer is through a sound pulse,” Melo told the AFP.

pendulum clock

pendulum clocks will entrain to each other

“The two clocks interact, giving two ‘kicks,’ one in one direction and another one in the opposite direction,” Oliveira told David Freeman at The Huffington Post. “Only when the clocks are at phase opposition the effects of the perturbation cancel,” he said, which causes the pendulums to swing in opposite directions.
The research results were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

The team says this isn’t just an explanation for a centuries-old mystery – understanding how “very small interactions can add up, and in the end, synchronize very large systems” can have huge implications in everything from economics and electronics to the biology of how cells sync up to produce a heartbeat.

A session of Network Care is commonly referred to as an “entrainment.” The concept, similar to the synchronizing of pendulums, is applied to creating efficiencies in the energy systems of the body. The goal is to create cohesiveness, or oneness, within the person. This recent research again points out the tonal implications of how the nervous system communicates within the human body.  This gives us greater insight into the healing process. To learn more about entrainments, please give me a call at 541-816-1911.

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