Reviews for Tail of the Sun Network Care

“Went in to Tail Of The Sun Chiropractor tonight with some low back pain. Literally left feeling like a new man!
Thank you Luke Schmelzle you’re amazing!!!”  – Adam B.

Dr. Luke provides incredible treatments that are long lasting. I’ve been to many chiropractors and other alignment therapies to work on both physical and emotional issues His treatments and methodologies are much deeper and profound. He also a genuine person- he’s truly interested in you getting well. He’s results driven (he does this really in-depth initial assessment). I couldn’t recommend him more. – Lindsey B.

“Incredible. Network is amazing and I can’t say enough about Dr Luke. He is a gifted practitioner and person. There is a depth to his knowledge and care and just plain human-ness. He is compassionate and down to earth. I began seeing Dr. Luke because of debilitating nerve pain in my hands and feet. The pain dropped significantly within the first few sessions and continued to drop 95% within the first month of seeing Dr. Luke regularly. In 3 months a natural curve has come back to my spine that had never been there before. I am able to sleep again on my side without writhing in pain. I have better posture with ease. I’ve had to move out of state and stop seeing Dr. Luke, but the work he did continues to benefit me – no just physiologically, but as a person. I came to know and grow into myself so much while working with Dr. Luke, which is invaluable. It’s not just Network you’ll be experiencing, it’s Dr. Luke”  🙂 – Susannah L.

“Like many, I first turned to allopathic medicine. When unable to find relief, I started exploring a variety of holistic modalities of care: one after another, ultimately dozens over several decades. Network is in a class all of its own, by far and away the ‘most holistic’ of anything I’ve found, truly incorporating all levels of our beingness. And Dr. Luke is in a class of his own. He is uniquely skilled, attuned, sensitive, devoted, caring, and supportive. Words inevitably fall short in describing the partnership one enters in the journey to restore health and to honor the fullness of self, so that we come to flow in harmony with life and share our gifts most successfully. I am not one to make recommendations lightly. This one I would happily shout from the rooftop!” Moira E.

“I drove about 5 hours to come see Luke and it was worth it. I’ve only been able to do a handful of sessions but each one has had a noticeable effect. I leave his office feeling tall and grounded, he always leaves me with some wise words to chew on as well. Planning another trip soon..” Jim K

“Dr Luke is the only chiropractor in town doing Network Chiropractic. He is the third one I have seen over 30 yrs. He is by far the best. I love this work because it teaches your body to adjust itself. I have been in multiple car and horse accidents plus a high stress job. Dr Luke has made my pain go away. My neck is soft. My posture is naturally improved. Plus the treatment feels so good. He touches points and invites my body to move and release. We are moving into the phase of releasing emotions locked into my body too. I hate being conscious of a pattern but unable to shift it. If I can release it from my body it is much easier to shift my patterns. This work feels like going to see a Shaman.” Cybele K.

“Dr. Luke is outstanding!!!! After being under his care for several months, my overall health flourished. My initial complaint was headaches and slight neck pain. After a few visits the headaches were gone and the neck pain had decreased greatly; but then I started noticing my anxiety and stress were also decreasing. Dr. Luke did an outstanding job explaining how Chiropractic and NSA work together to improve a person’s overall health, not just pain. Please check him out, he’ll change your life for the better!!!!!” Neal Q.

“I have had the pleasure of receiving Dr. Luke Schmelzle care for over a year! He is an amazing Chiropractor and gives nothing but his best for all he serves. Ashland, OR you are so blessed to have him!! What a gift he brings to the world.” Tecia P.

“Dr. Luke Schmelzle is fantastic. There are few out there with his level of integrity, his genuine care for his practice members, and his driving desire to provide the best service possible.” Indy I.

“One of the most attentive listeners I have ever met. Dr. S can truly connect in a unique manner that separates him from other Health Care professionals. Highly recommended!” Mackenzie C.

“Dr. Luke is the most caring and thoughtful chiropractor I know! I highly recommend getting care from him!” Kayla T.