Network Care Services

Chiropractor Schmelzle with patientThe current medical model in the US is based upon restorative care.  We feel pain, indicating a lessening of health, and then seek treatments to take us back to a point in time when our health was better.  For trauma care, this certainly has its place.  With Network Care, however, the health model is instead based upon Re-organizational Health (ROH). The focus in ROH is creating a new, better system to handle the demands upon the organism.  Just striving to be pain-free is not enough.  After all, by the time pain is felt, a significant degree of deterioration has occurred and the journey back is just that, going back in time.  We inherently know this – prevention is always more efficient than waiting until something is broken.  Thus, greater self-awareness, greater expression of the human spirit, and conscious awakening of the relationships between body, mind, and emotion are realized through this unique healing work.  Moving forward is the best.

Network Care is the combined practice of Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI). Through Network Care, people develop two healing waves associated with profound improvements in health and wellness. As these waves develop, specific breath, movement, and energy rhythms naturally emerge. These SRI rhythms are connected with different internal states of consciousness and support the advancement of the next strategy in NSA. When combined, NSA and SRI together promote improvements in all aspects of our wellbeing.

Network Care is associated with profound improvements in health and wellness

Network Spinal  (NS) is a highly researched chiropractic technique.  A University of California Irvine study of 2,818 people receiving Network Care worldwide, demonstrates Network Care is associated with profound improvements in health and wellness.  Network Care involves the initiation of a spinal wave within the individual.  The largest patient self-assessment study of health-related quality of life in 1995 led to groundbreaking understandings. Thousands of references to the mathematical properties of this wave have since been made in medically indexed journals.

Level 1: Discover Care

The first Level of Care is called Discover Care.  Initially, a strong connection between mind and body is established.  This enables the brain to scan the body for stored stress energy.  In Level 1 Care, you will experience how your body can effortlessly find and release tension and then to release it.  You will not only have less tension and pain in your body, but more energy and vitality as well.

Level 2: Transform Care

In Level 2 Care, instead of just releasing stress energy from the nervous system, that energy provides fuel for change and improvement.  Your body can naturally, effortlessly unwind tension and stress.  Every trauma and unresolved stress in your body is waiting like an unwrapped gift ready to be opened and transformed!  This level of care fuels you to take action more consistently, to have clarity of mind with greater focus, and powers the determination and courage to move forward in ways you never have in your body and your life.  This is called Transform Care.

Level 3: Awaken Care

Level 3 Care is termed Awaken Care.  In this evolutionary level of care, your nervous system will evolve higher, more advanced, adaptive strategies for life.  Here you will know without any doubt who you are and why you are alive.  This sense of knowing extends beyond the ’self’ where you feel compelled to serve beyond yourself and doing so creates tremendous joy.