March 23, 2020


Neither the Governor’s Office, nor the OBCE, is ordering chiropractic clinic closures at this time. 

Governor Brown has issued Executive Order 20-10 that conserves personal protective equipment (PPE), postpones non-urgent health care procedures, and restricts visitation. “Procedures” and “non-urgent procedures” apply to chiropractic care. The intent and purpose of this order is to conserve much needed PPE and to limit COVID-19 exposure for healthcare practitioners, patients, and the public.

Tail of the Sun, a chiropractic clinic, is currently open, but on a restricted basis, for urgent care only, with reduced hours.  Tail of the Sun is committed to complying with all government mandates and orders. Call if you have any questions or concerns 541-816-1911.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning by Dr. Luke Schmelzle

Spring is the season of renewal and fresh beginnings. It’s the ideal time for clearing out the old and making way for the new. In Ayurveda, spring is typically known as a Kapha season.

Spring Cleaning Your Environment

The key to spring cleaning is really to reduce trash and clutter, ridding of anything that is worn out, broken, or has served its purpose. Your energy will feel lighter as you turn next toward your inner work.

Spring Clean Your Diet

Because the Kapha season is heavy, wet, and cool, Ayurveda suggests pacifying these qualities within yourself by consuming light, dry, and hot foods and beverages. Grilled, baked or lightly cooked foods with hot spices will increase your energy.

Spring Clean Your Nervous System

Be sure to tend to your true nature by incorporating self-care rituals that support cleansing and mindfully directing your energy.

  • Let go of old trauma patterns, limiting beliefs, and stuck energy. Network Care can really help with this.
  • Exercise daily, especially in the spring.
  • Set new goals.
  • Connect yourself with nature.

breath work Breath, movement, and touch are interconnected. We naturally hold our breath when are distressed and breath more deeply and fully when relaxed. While we may be able to lie to ourselves through thoughts and words, we cannot hide the truth from our touch, our breath, or our movement.

When we are not well, our nervous system holds onto a dominant defense pattern. In our bodies, dysfunction and pathology hang out in the least available areas. This defensive pattern, in its attempt to wall off any further damage, creates a disconnect in the mind-body awareness.

The good news is that we can change. We can move away from pain, and then progress toward greater consciousness. Healing is available through breath, movement, and touch. I would love to speak with you in greater depth about how I can assist you on your road to healing. Call 541-816-1911.

Making the Shift

What are your personal goals for the new year? Do you desire to be pain-free? Are you striving for greater balance in your life? Perhaps worry and stress are your constant companion, and your body is not responding like it used to in the past.  If your life needs an adjustment, you may likely feel discomfort or pain in your body. Perhaps an outside perspective is needed.

Begin the new year with greater alignment to the wisdom that lies within. I can facilitate your journey away from pain toward a greater mind-body connection, introducing new strategies to your nervous system. I employ a unique, gentle healing approach that is personalized to the way your body naturally works. We start with pain reduction and move into deeper levels of change and healing, releasing the bound energy of old trauma patterns. Together we can create an arena in which your life propels forward toward your highest potential, passions, and purpose.

I am happy to meet with you, to listen to your heart, and to thoroughly exam the patterns of your body and nervous system. Network Care is a quantum approach that is very gentle, yet very effective. Let me help you to make a shift in this new year.

connect to love
Our skeleton is more important than we think!

A significant study, “Mediation of the acute stress response by the skeleton,” was published Sept. 12 in Cell Metabolism. “It completely changes how we think about how acute stress responses occur,” reported senior investigator Gérard Karsenty, MD, Ph.D

When faced with a predator or sudden danger, the heart rate goes up, breathing becomes more rapid, and fuel in the form of glucose is pumped throughout the body to prepare an animal to fight or flee. These physiological changes, which constitute the “fight or flight” response, are thought to be triggered in part by the hormone adrenaline.

The researchers found that almost immediately after the brain recognizes danger, it instructs the skeleton to flood the bloodstream with the bone-derived hormone osteocalcin, which is needed to turn on the fight or flight response. Osteocalcin is linked to metabolism, fertility, muscle function, and even brain cognition. 


It is important to establish a balance in the nervous system between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches. If this balance is lost, a cascade of negative health effects is unleashed. A simple test called heart rate variability can measure this balance is just a few minutes. At Tail of the Sun, we have the equipment to measure this. Most importantly, Network Care is a proven modality for restoring balance to the nervous system. It really works. Call me today for a comprehensive exam and initial session.

Returning Home

Last month I wrote about our family turtle, Lady BoBo. She is a box turtle that has been in the family for over 40 years. We’re now in the second generation of humans caring for this gracious, gentle creature. At one point, we gave serious consideration to finding her a nice place to reintroduce her to the wild. Upon deeper research, however, we discovered that Lady BoBo is a species of turtle with a particularly keen sense of home. Her homing beacon is so strong, that if turned loose, she would immediately start the trek back home, not eating or drinking or stopping until reaching the place where she was born. Our family ancestor rescued her from attacking dogs while on a camping trip somewhere in the Midwest. As we estimate her point of origin is likely several thousand miles from the Rogue Valley, it is not feasible or responsible for us to turn her loose. She is permanently part of our family and will be for the entirety of her life. Given the chance, she always heads east, longing to return home.

As humans, we also have a longing for home, for our roots, for connection, and for wholeness. Illness, trauma, separation, and stress will eventually take a cumulative toll upon our nervous systems, our bodies, and our overall state of wellness. In the work I do as a network chiropractor, I see my overarching goal as helping each person to achieve a greater level of ease in mind, body, and soul. I desire to assist each person in the quest for wellness and for the “returning to home.” Why not take your first step toward home and call me today?

reptile life form
Lady BoBo

The vagus nerve is the tenth cranial nerve and interfaces with parasympathetic control of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. It is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system in the human body, comprising between 80% and 90% of afferent nerves, mostly conveying sensory information about the state of the body’s organs to the central nervous system. The vagus nerve affects all the organs, from the neck down to the colon. The right vagus branch innervates the sinoatrial node of the heart. In healthy people, parasympathetic tone from these sources are well-matched to sympathetic tone.

Why Is This Important?

Among other things, vagal nerves mediate the raising and lowering of the heart rate. Our heart rhythms can be affected by unhealthy stress. We can overload our nervous system with excessive screen time, making poor food choices, losing sleep, endlessly sitting, or accumulated trauma energy. When we lose balance in our nervous system, inflammation is engaged, our immune system is compromised, and elevated, prolonged levels of anxiety are produced. This can lead to excessive worry, feelings of impending doom, and a state of inner tension. Once balance in the nervous system is lost, it is difficult to regain.

What can be done?
I utilize a screening tool which allows me to scan a patient’s Heart Rate Variability, giving insight into the vagal tone. The results are then graphically displayed to show any imbalances in the nervous system. This tool also is utilized to objectively measure changes resulting from a treatment plan.

Network Spinal, or simply Network Care, is a highly researched chiropractic technique for restoring the nervous system to a more balanced state. Tension, anxiety, and blocks can be removed with the gentle touches made from Network Care. Call me today at 541-816-1911 to make an appointment.

Healing Myths

Inner Healing Power

Most people do not think about their health until something goes amiss.  Then, suddenly their body has gained full attention of their mind.  Then the person will take action, based upon the beliefs about disease and healing.  There is also a chance the person has been told one of the following healing myths: 1.  Disease is something separate from the body to be killed and expelled.  2.  We are victims of our condition, blaming “it” for our problems in life.  3. All illness can be traced to a physical cause.

Disease is not typically something foreign in the body.  Rather it is a manifestation of trauma, long-time poor eating habits, lack of exercise, or can even result from suppressed events.  What if we name our disease?  What if we tell our friends, “Oh, that is just my ___ giving me trouble”?  Then we may be actually inviting it to stick around.

We do not have to choose to be a victim of our ill-health.  Routinely patients are told that a certain event caused the issue.  What if our body’s reaction is a result of what we think about what has happened to us?  How would we begin to break up a faulty thought pattern?  Network Care uses gentle touches along the spine to open gateways and release tension from the nervous layer.  This allows for release of years and decades old stress traumas that we have been holding on tightly to.  Once these old traumas are released at the cellular level, the person feels relaxed, free, and more motivated and energized.

New studies have shown that our emotions play a significant role in our health.  The old saying, “It’s not what you eat, but what’s eating you,” may be affecting us down to the cellular level.  Diet and exercise are very important, but so are the thought patterns we believe about ourselves.   

So now what?  How do we un-invite our disease to stay? How do we let go of an event that has embedded itself deep in our unconscious thought patterns? How can we heal from an accident that happened years ago?  Most of all, how can we let go of “what is eating us?” 

Network Care can work gently on all these issues.  It works to aid healing from the inside out. “Healing is the outward manifestation of our inner journey of discovery…even when we may not understand the experience itself.”  – Donny Epstein.

Call for a $40.00 initial session today and see what it can do for you!

Feeling something in one’s bones is a common idiom. We use this phrase to speak of a truth that we know deep inside of ourselves. I really like this idea.

As I studied the human body in medical school, many of my preconceived notions were challenged. Regarding the bones, for example, I thought of them as being hard, dense, fixed, unchanging, and almost lifeless. I thought of bone deterioration or addition as irreversible. But the wisdom of the body is greater than my limited conceptions.

In a new study, researchers in Germany report finding a previously undetected network of fine blood vessels that act like a secret tunneling system inside bone, helping blood and immune cells spread efficiently and rapidly throughout the body. These tiny canals, called ‘trans-cortical vessels’ (TCVs), may be new to science, but they help explain how emergency drug infusions first pioneered on the battlefield were able to rapidly revive injured soldiers. According to the researchers, a mouse tibia can contain more than 1,000 of these small capillaries, and amazingly enough, the team says over 80 percent of arterial and 59 percent of venous blood passes through the channels. There is so much more going on within our bones than previously imagined. (The findings were reported in Nature Metabolism.)

I now think of the human body from a quantum perspective. Our bones, for example, while incredibly hard and rigid, are also very dynamic and constantly changing and adapting. Our bones are fundamental to the deepest parts of ourselves. In the work I do, I promote changes in the body systems, from the inside-out.  I know this to be true and “I feel it in my bones.”

I’m offering an introductory offer of a two-hour comprehensive examination and treatment session for only $40. Call today to make an appointment.2

There is nearly always a mind-body connection to illness and chronic pain. Our beliefs and temperament have a lot to do with how we experience illness and pain. Our paren ts modeled behaviors to us, and we participated in a family dynamic with them. Birth order is part of this equation, too.

The subconscious mind directs so many of our decisions. Often, if life is not going well, it’s not the universe that is holding us back, but rather the developmental programming that we continue to express. And lest we forget, our DNA is also encoded with information that affects our behavior patterns. The Bio/Psycho/Social dynamic of our life, and how we navigate the world, is the leading cause of our pain. Our frequency can be become locked into a defensive pattern that limits us from reaching our full potential.

We need to lift our vibration, which is our energy state. Close your eyes. Bring in the feeling of how amazing Life is. Breathe deeply. Can you feel the change? If not, why not? We are more amazing than we often realize. We can alter our energy state.

The work I do is based upon changing neurological patterns, releasing held trauma energy, and raising the frequency and vibration of the nervous system. Life changes dramatically once energy flows freely.

COVID 19 - As an essential service provider, Tail of the Sun remains open during the pandemic to assist all who need chiropractic care. We are open Mondays and Thursdays, from 9am-7pm. Call for more information.