Leg Strength & Brain Health

Written by Dr. Luke

January 22, 2024

Leg strength is a vital component of brain health. Motion is Lotion. We are at our best when we walk, run, crouch, and lift. Proprioception is an important component of brain health.  Leg strength, as well as spinal alignment, are directly linked with balance, coordination, and overall brain health.  Conversely, research shows that inactivity can reduce neuro stem cells in the brain by as much as 70%.

Bed rest after a serious medical issue is a direct barrier to muscle strength, as atrophy can quickly set in. Some doctors suggest that one week of complete bed rest is the equivalent of losing a decade worth of muscle tone. Additionally, if a person is also resistant to rehabbing and rebuilding leg strength, balance issues may set in rather quickly. A cascade of negative neurological changes can create balance and memory issues, leading to a rapid decline in health metrics. In my office, I take the time to look at squatting, balancing, and motor tests to assess where things are and to guide a person to better brain health.

The good news is that significant improvements can be made. Aligning with good health practitioners is important for brain health and longevity. Motion is Lotion. Keep moving and keep improving.

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