Interview for Locals Guide, July 2020

Written by Dr. Luke

July 11, 2020

Tail of the Sun Interview with Ashland Locals Guide

Are you feeling these stressful times in your body?

Then come experience a gentle, no crack, holistic approach to chiropractic care at Tail of the Sun Network Care, owned and operated by Dr. Luke Schmelzle, chiropractic physician. Dr. Luke’s energetic technique finds the deeper cure, instead of just treating symptoms like many conventional physicians. Dr. Luke is especially good at listening to the body and partnering with patients to make positive shifts. It’s not about just adjusting the spine; it’s about adjusting your life.

Dr. Luke, hello and welcome back to Locals Guide.
Thanks so much for having me back. I love Locals Guide.

network care

Dr Luke facilitating entrainment with patient

To begin with, how have you adjusted and continue to serve your patients during this time of Covid?
The current health crisis is a major added stressor for everyone, compounding the trauma patterns that people are already living with and carrying in their bodies every moment of their lives. These stresses often express themselves through pain in the spine, joints, muscles, or tendons. My practice is all about getting down to the root of that pain instead of just its expression, which is a big part of what makes Network Chiropractic Care so much more comprehensive and long lasting than many conventional modalities. Improving your health is essential, so I’m here for you.

I imagine that your care is essential to the quality of life for many of your patients.
I hear that from my practice members a lot. For example, I treat a 90-year-old woman who tells me regularly that this work makes her life more livable and expansive, when before my treatment her life was becoming unbearable. Chronic pain is incredibly oppressive, dulling and diminishing the sufferer’s whole outlook. Increasing adaptability and energy efficiency opens entirely new dimensions in how the patient views and interacts with their world.

Dr. Luke can you please introduce us to some of the key principles and tenants behind your work here in Southern Oregon.
After a rewarding career in education, I decided to pursue my dream career in the healing arts in my dream community of Ashland, Oregon. I opened Tail of the Sun Network Care clinic in 2017 with the mission of providing this community with a deeper and more comprehensive level of healing. It was during my training at Sherman Chiropractic College that I became a patient of network chiropractic care, a revolutionary technique for liberating stored stress energy from the body. Network Care combines the traditional tenants of upper cervical chiropractic with quantum healing. The complete transformation that network care brought me was truly a miracle, creating a lasting ease to my entire life and my family’s life. I had to share this miracle with others.

Going into more depth can you please provide us with an overview of the services you are providing out of your clinic?
My goal for all of my practice members is sustained, re-organizational health. This means going way deeper than just the pain or discomfort a patient may be experiencing and healing the source of that pain or discomfort on an energetic quantum level. For instance, if someone is experiencing irritable bowel syndrome, we focus not only on the relief of symptoms, but the release of the stored energy that’s causing it. If someone is experiencing chronic pain in their joints or back, it may be a result of past trauma. I strive to connect to that stored negative energy created by trauma and I release it, which can often relieve a myriad of conditions that the patient didn’t even realize they suffered from because they’ve been living with the trauma for so long.

This work progresses to creating new strategies in the nervous system. It impacts the greater expression of the person’s soul in this life. It’s about moving toward greater wholeness, connection, and maximized living. Network Care is very specific and incremental in its approach. I also incorporate breath work called Somato Respiratory Integration as an important tool.

During this time of crisis, what are the most important messages you are sharing with your patient base?
Stress is an unavoidable part of life. But the negative health conditions that result from that stress can change, as long as the patient is willing to go deeper, beyond short term solutions that often make the problem worse over the long term, and address the issue at a foundational level.

Listen to your body. This goes beyond responding only to pain. It is currently estimated that only 10% of nerve cells have pain receptors. This is a time requiring more care and attention, not less.

This is a time when everything is amplified. Embrace the opportunities for exciting changes as they present to you.  It is time to upgrade your nervous system.

Dr. Luke will you share a little bit with us about the types of relationships you seek to form with your patients?
I spend a lot of time both listening and talking with my patients and getting to know them well and why they are seeking my help. This is time and attention to detail that cannot be found from many other practitioners and it’s a big part of what makes my work so effective over the long term. Pain is a language and my work is about translating that language. This often means that my treatment becomes a form of dance with the patient to understand and to clarify what the pain is telling us.

You enjoy working with the entire family and in fact, you offer care for children under the age of ten for free to these families.
Yes, I treat the young children of my practice members at no cost, because I find that healing the entire family unit in harmony can bring lasting physical and emotional health to their whole household. This is one of the most rewarding parts of my work because creating collective family wellness is so critical in making our world a more peaceful place.

Dr. Luke, your practice serves all ages. Please say more.
I have practice members from babies to great grandparents. The kind of care I offer is so gentle. It is highly effective for people of all ages because it focuses on the nervous system rather than solely the skeletal structure. Scoliosis, for instance, is a condition that I’ve had a lot of success treating in patients young and old. Now, conventional diagnosis offers little chance for improvement, especially after entering adulthood. But the adverse effects of scoliosis can be greatly improved. With network care, I address the energetic genesis of scoliosis rather than the skeletal effects, and this principle of targeting the source applies effectively to a myriad of other conditions.

Children, in particular, are highly responsive to chiropractic treatments. Why is this?
The energetic source of a negative health condition is often more apparent in a young person and the child has less layers of defense physiology. With an older person who is dealing with a health condition created by a past trauma that they experienced decades ago, then that energetic cause can be more hidden. There are more layers to work through. It doesn’t mean I can’t locate that source, it just can require more time and patience than it would with a younger patient.

What is some of the feedback you receive from your customers?
For the practice members who have been in conventional chiropractic care, they usually tell me what a relief it is to have their condition treated with a gentle, no crack, approach to healing that doesn’t create a dependence on hard adjustments. For practice members who have been in the care of a conventional physician, they usually tell me what a life changer it is for them to have less dependency on pharmaceuticals for relief, and how much more long term my brand of healing brings them.

Dr. Luke you are also very involved in the community of Ashland. Can you tell us about some of the activities you are participating in?
My wife and I are involved in the community and sponsor many local events in our unique office space. I am a parade official with the Ashland 4th of July parade, and I have enjoyed that immensely. I am a supportive member of the Chamber of Commerce. From the day I moved my family to Ashland I knew that I needed to get involved with what makes Ashland an amazing place to live.

For any of our readers wanting to learn more about your services what is the best way for them to contact you?
For a limited time, I offer a 2-hour consultation to any prospective patient for only $40, which is a $180 value. So, for anyone who is experiencing a health issue for which conventional methods of healing have proven unsatisfactory, come into my clinic and let’s work on a deeper solution together. I understand that every patient is unique, which is why I dedicate so much time to finding the source of the issue, rather than just temporarily relieving the pain.

Finally, are there any last thoughts or comments you would like to share with our readers?
Traditional western medicine is dedicated to restorative care, which amounts to, “Relieve my pain now.” Restorative care only addresses the symptoms, which is why it’s so often unsuccessful in curing the illness. Network chiropractic care is essentially a remodeling of your nervous system in order to reconfigure the energetic source of a health issue. This is why the health and wellness that I offer is such a game changer.

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