Healing with Light Touch, Movement, and Breathwork

Written by Dr. Luke

September 13, 2021

Healing with Breathwork, Light Touch, and Movement by Dr. Luke Schmelzle

Breath, movement and touch are all interconnected when it comes to long term pain free health and wellness. This is one of the core principles of Network Chiropractic Care and it is the foundation of our comprehensive approach to healing here at Tail of the Sun in Ashland. Healing with breathwork is certainly available to you.

When people are under stress, they tend to hold their breath. We hold our breath in a moment of fear. We hold very still if we have a sudden trauma, such as a broken bone. Holding excessive fight-flight-freeze energy in our nervous systems will cause our bodies to react similarly. Over the long term, this can lead to acute as well as chronic health challenges which will express themselves in a multitude of ways, none of them positive. Healing with breathwork is an important strategy to teach to our bodies.

People are under a mountain of stress currently, and the long-term effects of our collective anxiety during this challenging time are only beginning to be felt. Fires, smoke, COVID, a housing shortage, and employment issues abound. One fundamental way I can help alleviate our community’s shared pressure and suffering is to work with individuals to expand and deepen their breath in their day-to-day lives.


SRI is powerful breathwork

Healing with breathwork is an important aspect of the work at Tail of the Sun. We teach breathwork that parallels the natural arc of healing. It has distinct stages and patterns. To move out of pain and tension, and into an entirely new world of comprehensive pain free health and wellness, begin by sitting down with me, Dr. Luke at Tail of the Sun Network Care, for an inexpensive  wellness consultation. Find out how Network Care capitalizes upon the power of breath, how Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) breathing exercises, and how gentle chiropractic can change your life. Living with chronic pain is unacceptable, and we can help. Reach out to schedule an appointment.

The founder of SRI based this technique on his research, found in the book 12 Stages of Healing by Donald Epstein. Each stage represents the integration of the level of consciousness of each healing stage and a specific practice for your body, mind, life and the world. Together we can begin your new path to a pain free healthy life.

(Dr. Luke is owner of Tail of the Sun in Ashland. 541-816-1911.)

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