Healing Waves with Network Care

Written by Dr. Luke

March 29, 2022

Healing waves are a significant component of Network Spinal, or network care, an official chiropractic technique. It is evidence-based and utilizes a quantum, global approach to to wellness, body awareness, and transformational change. It is based upon the work of Dr. Donald Epstein.

healing waves

Dr Luke and healing waves

Most medical models start with focus upon the problem, or what is not working. This only seems natural, right? But what if we decide to place our awareness upon what is working well in the body and in our life, where there is available energy, and tapping into those resources instead? This new approach serves as the basis for transformational healing, tapping into the body’s wisdom for change and growth.

Experience More with Healing Waves

Network Spinal utilizes light touches to the spine to assist the nervous system in developing new strategies, introducing two distinct healing waves to the spine. These assist the mind-body to:

  • experience the world in a new way
  • adapt to stress with more ease
  • dissipate tension from the spine and nerves
  • experience greater well being
  • tap into more joy and gratitude

More specifically, the two healing waves introduced to the nervous system are called Somatopsychic and Respiratory waves. These unique waves, studies at over a dozen universities around the world, allow for a spontaneous release of stored tension in the body.

Want to learn more? Schedule time with Dr Luke to experience this for yourself.

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