Healing Myths

Written by Dr. Luke

April 5, 2019

lost in healing myths

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Healing Myths – Blocks to Change

Most people do not think about their health until something goes amiss.  Then, suddenly their body has gained full attention of their mind.  Then the person will take action, based upon the beliefs about disease and healing.  There is also a chance the person has been told one of the following healing myths: 1.  Disease is something separate from the body to be killed and expelled.  2.  We are victims of our condition, blaming “it” for our problems in life.  3. All illness can be traced to a physical cause.

Disease is not typically something foreign in the body.  Rather it is a manifestation of trauma, long-time poor eating habits, lack of exercise, or can even result from suppressed events.  What if we name our disease?  What if we tell our friends, “Oh, that is just my ___ giving me trouble”?  Then we may be actually inviting it to stick around.

We do not have to choose to be a victim of our ill-health.  Routinely patients are told that a certain event caused the issue.  What if our body’s reaction is a result of what we think about what has happened to us?  How would we begin to break up a faulty thought pattern?  Network Care uses gentle touches along the spine to open gateways and release tension from the nervous layer.  This allows for release of years and decades old stress traumas that we have been holding on tightly to.  Once these old traumas are released at the cellular level, the person feels relaxed, free, and more motivated and energized.

New studies have shown that our emotions play a significant role in our health.  The old saying, “It’s not what you eat, but what’s eating you,” may be affecting us down to the cellular level.  Diet and exercise are very important, but so are the thought patterns we believe about ourselves.   

So now what?  How do we un-invite our disease to stay? How do we let go of an event that has embedded itself deep in our unconscious thought patterns? How can we heal from an accident that happened years ago?  Most of all, how can we let go of “what is eating us?” 

Network Care can work gently on all these issues.  It works to aid healing from the inside out. “Healing is the outward manifestation of our inner journey of discovery…even when we may not understand the experience itself.”  – Donny Epstein.

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