Body Wisdom

Written by Dr. Luke

November 2, 2017

Body Wisdom by Dr Luke Schmelzle DC

Your body, and indeed every living thing on the planet, is endowed with an inner wisdom that directs every cell, whether waking or sleeping. Each breath you take, every beat of your heart, and the growth of each new hair follicle are examples of this inner intelligence at work. You were simply born with this wisdom or intelligence and it directs you.

Various names have been used to describe this. Body wisdom is a newer term in use today. Allopathic medicine refers to vix meditrix naturae or elan vitale. Chiropractic uses the term innate intelligence. In Reorganizational Healing (ROH), this innate intelligence, or body wisdom, is further subdivided into 5 separate levels of Intelligence: bio-energetic, emotional, thought energetic, soul energetic, and universal spirit energetic intelligence.

body wisdom

body wisdom quantum level

Body wisdom is powerful, natural, and positive. It helps us to adapt to our changing environment in the best way possible. We are at our best when we are in tune with this wisdom, not when we deny it, numb it, or act contrary to it. How can we achieve a greater connection to our body wisdom, or innate intelligence?

In ROH, the role of the doctor is to work with the practice member in a specific level of intelligence to release trapped energy, and to utilize this available energy to create a greater level of organization, or reorganizational healing. When we have more energy available to us, we become more in touch with our inner body wisdom and are free to make positive changes in our lives. We willingly change our relationships, our diets, our exercise routines, and the way we deal with stress; not because we should, but rather because we must. This is the aim of ROH and it is the essence of connecting to our own soul and to the greater wisdom in the universe.

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