Back Pain

Back Pain By Dr. Luke Schmelzle DC

“Help! I threw my back out, but I need a gentle touch!”

I get this call a lot. Back and neck pain are the most common complaints people have when visiting a chiropractor, but increasingly these same people are searching desperately for a gentle touch to relieve acute pain.

back pain
woman experiencing back pain

Conventional chiropractic care can provide temporary relief with harsh cracking and rough adjustments. Gentle touch Network chiropractic care, which is what I offer, provides long term relief from acute as well as chronic pain, without cracking or adjustments, because network care addresses pain at the source, rather than just its expression.

If you’ve visited a conventional chiropractor, you know that it can ease your pain initially, but the pain soon returns, often even worse than before, and you need another forceful adjustment. This can feel like a hamster wheel for a lot of people who finally come to me for a longer lasting more profound and gentle approach to sustained pain relief.

Recently I sat down for a consultation with a man who recently moved to the Rogue Valley and the stress of this radical change, along with the multitude of other stressors weighing on all of us right now, left him in intense physical pain. As in all my consultations, we discussed everything going on in the patient’s life, and how this may have compounded the bound emotional energy at the root of physical pain. After our consultation we were able to effectively address his problem in only a few sessions.

So, if you’re experiencing back or neck pain, acute or chronic, in addition to digestive issues, a weakened immune system, or any myriad of other health concerns, come to Tail of the Sun Network Chiropractic care for a consultation so together we can get to the root of the problem.

Pain free living is attainable. You just need to take that first step.

(Dr. Luke is owner of Tail of the Sun in Ashland. 541-816-1911.)

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