About Tail of the Sun Network Care

Chiropractor Schmelzle with patientOnce I made the commitment to Reorganizational Healing (ROH), I not only dedicated myself to learning the skill-set, but also to my own journey of healing & living.  A wise person once told me that each time you reach a new level, you also encounter a new adversary. While the natural tendency is to battle against this new foe, we ultimately must come face-to-face with the adversary and overcome the surrounding challenges of the situation.  Once we are able to do this, the one-time adversary actually becomes a new asset for us, which helps us to move even further ahead.

Allow me to give an example of this.  A child has a bully that is tormenting him.  He spends a lot of time and energy worrying and avoiding the bully.  At some point, however, the showdown occurs.  At the conclusion of it, the two become best friends. The powerful adversary transforms into a new asset, a new source of support and power.

For myself, I had a mystical experience while dealing with the pain of the past.  I reached such a new level while on a spiritual quest.  Words cannot describe it.  However, I soon encountered a new adversary.  Eventually the adversary became a new asset.  The Tail of the Sun was a significant, emblematic component of my own transformation. The Tail of the Sun reminds me of valuable lessons of growth and healing that I incorporate into every transaction with my practice members.

Life is good!


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