About Tail of the Sun Network Care

About Tail of the Sun Network Care

The Sun is the source of all energy in our world. It warms the air, fuels the water cycle, and helps us to mark time. The Sun is the source of our food supply. It is abundant. I love the image of the Sun as a powerful metaphor for energy.

sun energy
sun setting with heart

For myself, I had a mystical, transformational experience a few years back.  Part of this healing, shamanic journey for myself involved the embodiment of the Sun.  The Tail of the Sun was a significant, emblematic component of my own transformation. It guided me to find the source and connection of my own personal power. The Tail of the Sun reminds me of valuable lessons of growth and healing that I incorporate into every transaction with my practice members.

Life is good!

COVID 19 - As an essential service provider, Tail of the Sun remains open during the pandemic to assist all who need chiropractic care. We are open Mondays and Thursdays, from 9am-7pm. Call for more information.