About Tail of the Sun Network Care

Chiropractor Schmelzle with patient

Dr Luke giving network adjustment

We live in the age of Energy. We must choose what sources of energy we need to power our vehicles, our homes, our cities, and even our individual lives. Self-care includes the proper management of our own personal energy state. We must employ strategies, tools, and practices that keep us at an energy-rich energy state so that we can maximize our performance, moment by moment.

Network Spinal is a powerful chiropractic technique. As a practitioner, this means taking a holistic look at the individual. Over time, trauma energy becomes a detriment to our health and well-being. We develop defense patterns, which often reduce our overall efficiency with the use of energy. My job is to evaluate the global defense pattern of the person, and then to bring awareness to it. Light touches in specific places along the spine induce greater mind-body connection, allowing for the release of bound energy. And just as the Sun is the source of energy and life on our planet, we can make changes to our nervous system that allow us to maximize our experiences in life. Read more about the services we provide.

For myself, I had a mystical experience while dealing with the pain of the past.  I reached a new level while on a spiritual quest.  Words cannot describe it.  As part of this experience, The Tail of the Sun was a significant, emblematic component of my own transformation. The Tail of the Sun reminds me of valuable lessons of growth and healing that I incorporate into every transaction with my practice members. Life is good!

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