A Resolution of Less Stress in 2019

Written by Dr. Luke

January 23, 2019

less stress

in love with life and less stress

Less Stress

The smaller stresses in life can sneak up on you. Take the opportunity to review your life for these seven common stressors and take steps to help manage them. Your mind and body will appreciate the assist!

  1. Being late often. Instead of going faster, it can be good to build in buffer time. Rushing to catch up leads to tension and stress.
  2. Excessive Focus upon the To-to-List. Evaluate, prioritize, and be flexible. This beats fretting and driving yourself crazy.
  3. Binge watching TV. The news can be addictive, and too much of it creates anxiety. Watching TV shows or movies for hours on end can disrupt sleep and take time away from other activities that safeguard you from stress and promote health, such as exercise, meditation, and connecting with others.
  4. Running on Auto-pilot. While routine can be good, we may get lulled into missing what is around us. Slow down, be intentional, notice, and engage.
  5. Lack of Routine. This is the opposite of the previous point. Some dislike too much structure, but adding a little more routine can really reduce anxiety.
  6. Surrounding Yourself with the Right People. Some relationships give us enrichment; others are draining and taxing. Spend more time with the right people.
  7. Over-stimulation. We can get out of balance with social media, technology, caffeine, sugar, and other substances. Less is more. Evaluate this.

The build-up of seemingly insignificant normal actions and behaviors may be contributing to everyday tension, fatigue, and rising levels of cortisol, a hormone released by the body when it’s under stress. Make intentional changes with small things to reduce your stress level in 2019.

To receive an assessment of the stress patterns in your body, contact me for an introductory session. P.S. I have great events happening each month, so check out my website for more details.

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