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Network Spinal Care

I use light touch to assist your body to make positive changes. This “no crack” chiropractic technique is very gentle yet very powerful!

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Your body knows how to heal itself, but sometimes it needs a little assistance. I have several tools and techniques that can jump start the healing process in your body and life.

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About Tail of the Sun

We live in the age of Energy. We must choose what sources of energy we need to power our vehicles, our homes, our cities, and even our individual lives. Self-care includes the proper management of our own personal energy state. We must employ strategies, tools, and practices that keep us at an energy-rich energy state so that we can maximize our performance, moment by moment.

Network Spinal is a powerful chiropractic technique. As a practitioner, this means taking a holistic look at the individual. Over time, trauma energy becomes a detriment to our health and well-being. We develop defense patterns, which often reduce our overall efficiency with the use of energy. My job is to evaluate the global defense pattern of the person, and then to bring awareness to it. Light touches in specific places along the spine induce greater mind-body connection, allowing for the release of bound energy. And just as the Sun is the source of energy and life on our planet, we can make changes to our nervous system that allow us to maximize our experiences in life. Read more about the services we provide.

For myself, I had a mystical experience while dealing with the pain of the past.  I reached a new level while on a spiritual quest.  Words cannot describe it.  As part of this experience, The Tail of the Sun was a significant, emblematic component of my own transformation. The Tail of the Sun reminds me of valuable lessons of growth and healing that I incorporate into every transaction with my practice members. Life is good!

To learn review several Frequently Asked Questions, check out our FAQs.

Why Network Care

As an alternative health care system, we utilize a powerful Network Spinal (NS) technique to locate and release harmful stress in your body. With very gentle, precise touches, you will receive transformational care that can free you to climb to the next level. There is nothing more effective for reducing or reversing the effects of stress, trauma, or aging than Network Spinal Analysis. It is highly researched and cutting-edge science blended with ancient healing wisdom.

Our mission is to reduce or reverse the effects of stress, trauma, and aging – Transforming detrimental neurological patterns, introducing more peace, ease, and adaptability, and unleashing more energy for life.

What is The Process Like?

The best way to find out if our process will work for you is just to try it out! Dr. Luke has helped hundreds of people. In most cases, patients begin to feel positive changes within several visits, and many times even after just one visit.

You should start to feel more awareness of your body and breath. You might feel your steps are different; you will see you carry your body differently. As you progress along, the spine revitalizes, energizes, and helps the body to self-correct distortions of alignment and posture. Additionally, a wide range of physical complaints such as headaches, pain, eczema, menstrual cramps, dizziness, and many others have been reported to improve or even resolve. You will discover that you can heal yourself.

We will help this process through our effective clinical care. We are confident that you’ll immediately be certain if you’re in the right place and if this care is congruent with you.

What is Network Spinal, or Network Care?

Network Spinal™(NS) is an evidence-based approach to wellness and body awareness. Gentle precise touch to the spine cues the brain to create new wellness-promoting strategies. Two unique healing waves develop with this work. They are associated with the spontaneous release of spinal and life tensions, and the use of existing tension as fuel for spinal re-organization and enhanced wellness.

How is Network Care different from traditional chiropractic methods?

Network Spinal (NS) evolved from Network Chiropractic, a method developed in the mid-1980s by Dr. Donald Epstein to help patients resolve tension patterns that occur when the spinal cord is over-stretched during physical injury or when the body is under mental or emotional stress.

How do the light touches in Network Care work?

It’s the gentleness of the touches that gets your brain’s attention in a whole new way. When your brain is stuck in stress mode, the lower protective “brain stem” is way more active and involved. The touches are a signal to this part to switch off and for the upper “frontal lobe” to wake up. I’m judging just the right amount of force your body needs to feel safe and relaxed.

What conditions/symptoms can you help with?

Network Care is more than a therapeutic approach because the main goal is not just the treatment of symptoms. Instead, the main goal is to optimize the way your brain and body communicate so that you can truly heal. By releasing tension from the spine and helping the nervous system adapt to stress more effectively, our unique process has helped thousands of people experience relief or improvement.

About Me

I have always had a calling and a passion for helping others. I consider myself a teacher. After a career as a school principal for 25 years in various schools across the country, I embarked upon a new career as a doctor of chiropractic, another dream of mine since high school. While I loved my career in education, working with hundreds of children and families, I could no longer resist the calling of the healing arts. The time was right for a new path. I graduated from Sherman Chiropractic College, excited to share my gifts and passions with others in a new arena. Of all the places in the world I could live and establish a practice, my wife and I fell in love with Ashland and southern Oregon. We got here as fast as we could!

While a chiropractic student, I was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), or more commonly called Network Spinal (NS), which is a revolutionary chiropractic technique for liberating stored stress energy from the body. I experienced profound changes in my own nervous system, peeling away layers of harmful, accumulated stress energy. Not only did it transform my own life, but I also noticed significant changes in the lives of my family members. I experienced more ease in my life, more available energy to pursue the good things in life, and better adaptability to the stressors of everyday living. In short, I believe that it allowed me to connect deeper with my own true self, and to connect more fully with the power of the universe. Now I have to share this with others!



“Incredible. Network is amazing and I can’t say enough about Dr Luke. He is a gifted practitioner and person. There is a depth to his knowledge and care and just plain human-ness. He is compassionate and down to earth. I began seeing Dr. Luke because of debilitating nerve pain in my hands and feet. The pain dropped significantly within the first few sessions and continued to drop 95% within the first month of seeing Dr. Luke regularly. In 3 months a natural curve has come back to my spine that had never been there before. I am able to sleep again on my side without writhing in pain. I have better posture with ease. I’ve had to move out of state and stop seeing Dr. Luke, but the work he did continues to benefit me – no just physiologically, but as a person. I came to know and grow into myself so much while working with Dr. Luke, which is invaluable. It’s not just Network you’ll be experiencing, it’s Dr. Luke”  🙂 – Susannah L.

“Went in to Tail Of The Sun Chiropractor tonight with some low back pain. Literally left feeling like a new man! Thank you Luke Schmelzle you’re amazing!!!”  – Adam B.

“Dr Luke is the only chiropractor in town doing Network Chiropractic. He is the third one I have seen over 30 yrs. He is by far the best. I love this work because it teaches your body to adjust itself. I have been in multiple car and horse accidents plus a high stress job. Dr Luke has made my pain go away. My neck is soft. My posture is naturally improved. Plus the treatment feels so good. He touches points and invites my body to move and release. We are moving into the phase of releasing emotions locked into my body too. I hate being conscious of a pattern but unable to shift it. If I can release it from my body it is much easier to shift my patterns. This work feels like going to see a Shaman.” Cybele K.”

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